O Grupo de Engenharia de Software Experimental recebeu em setembro a visita do Dr. Domenico Amalfitano, professor na University of Napoli. Nesta visita, Dr. Domenico apresentou um short talk (40 minutos) sobre teste em aplicações mobile.

Summary: In the last years we looked at a wide diffusion of mobile applications. It is expected that this trend will further increase also because mobile apps are no more developed for being executed only on mobile phones but they also run on other devices such as wearables, smart TVs and vehicles. Moreover, mobile apps are more and more exploited in many tasks we perform everyday, even these tasks may be executed in business critical or safety critical scenarios.With the diffusion of mobile apps both the industry and scientific community devoted many efforts in proposing innovative methodologies, new techniques and cost effective tools for supporting the testing processes aimed at assessing the quality of such applications.The main goal of the talk is to provide a detailed overview on both the state of the art and the state of the practice in mobile app testing. In addition, future trends in this topic will be presented.

Domenico Amalfitano is an Assistant Professor at the University of Napoli “Federico II”. His research activity mainly concerns the reverse engineering, program comprehension, migration, testing, and testing automation of event-driven software systems, mostly in the contexts of Web Applications, Mobile Applications, and Graphical User Interfaces.


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