O Grupo de Engenharia de Software Experimental recebeu em agosto a visita do Dr. Silverio Martínez-Fernández, Pesquisador do Fraunhofer IESE. Nesta visita, Dr. Silverio apresentou um short talk (40 minutos) sobre o projeto Q-Rapids: a data-driven solution for quality-aware rapid and agile software development.

Title: Q-Rapids: A data-driven solution for quality-aware rapid and agile software development

Summary: During rapid software development and evolution, quality is often neglected due to time constraints, and technical debt is incurred. To cope with this problem, companies currently manage software quality with single tools. However, all data generated during rapid software development and at runtime (such as sprint planning, testing data, and logs) could be more powerful if it were aggregated in a holistic manner. This leads to the question: Why not combine heterogeneous sources with Big Data technologies to support quality in rapid software development? This talk will explore our current research in the Q-Rapids (Quality-Aware Rapid Software Development) H2020 European research project. In the Q-Rapids project, we aim to build a Big Data solution for quality-aware rapid and agile software development. The objective of the Q-Rapids solution is to support decision makers, managers, and developers in getting a reliable and rich view of software quality during the development process. The solution is being deployed in four European organizations: Bittium (Finland), ITTI (Poland), Nokia (Finland), and Softeam (France). More information about the Q-Rapids project is available at http://q-rapids.eu/

Silverio Martínez-Fernández is a postdoctoral research fellow of the European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics (ERCIM) at Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering (Kaiserslautern, Germany). He received his PhD degree in Computing from the Technical University of Catalonia – Barcelona Tech in 2016, and studied Computer Science Engineering at the University of Almeria (2005-2010). *During his PhD, he did a research visit at COPPE-UFRJ, working on different topics of aggregation of empirical evidence*. He has research and teaching experience in several countries (Brazil, Germany, The Netherlands, and Spain). He is currently involved in research projects in the areas of data-driven improvement, big data for software quality measurement, and technical debt (e.g., “Q-Rapids” H2020 EU research project). On this and related empirical software engineering topics, he has published various papers and articles in international conferences and journals. He participates as a reviewer of several journals (IST, JSS) and has served several conferences’ program committees (ACM/IEEE ESEM, ICSME, ECSA, CIbSE). He is in the organizing committee of QuASD@PROFES and CESI@ICSE workshops. Website: http://www.essi.upc.edu/~smartinez/

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